We have been contacted by members expressing concern over the Councils apparent decision to approve the felling of trees at 24 Hampton Road (part of the conservation area known as the back lands).  The application below refers.


With the level of objections standing at 50, and observations at 3, we are surprised and disheartened to learn that the application has been approved by officers without any consideration to such objections, or indeed any reference back to the planning committee.

We also note that the original date for submissions was the 24th of December and also that the actual application document and associated report was only added to the planning portal 1 week ago. Add to this that the planning map does not show the backlands section as being included in the application. Members are quite rightly asking why the decision on this much-loved wildlife oasis was taken on the 23rd of December?

If you are concerned about this, please contact the leader of the council, Gareth Roberts, and your local councillors.  In the year of COP26, why would we wish to see five mature trees removed?


We have been supplied this objection https://fotg.uk/habitats-and-heritage-report/ by Habitats and heritage who were unable to submit this as the option to do so was removed earlier than advertised.