Back lands, plot of land behind 16-24 Hampton Road, and 3-4 First Cross Road. 25/07/21

As some of you may be aware the above plot of private land, currently accessed beside 24 Hampton Road, was formerly owned by Fullers Brewery. This land is within the Twickenham Green Conservation Area, and thus monitored by The Friends, who have a duty to protect and preserve.  It has been left undeveloped, and undisturbed for many years, and has become a haven for wild life as part of the wild life corridor that runs behind First Cross Road, and Second Cross Road.  It is home to diverse species, including bats, hedgehogs, nesting birds, frogs and newts, and extensive insects and invertebrates.  Members of the Friends have been undertaking monthly wild life surveys to record the diversity of species.  Parks have managed to list a particularly fine eucalyptus tree as worthy of a tree preservation order.


Fullers owned 24 Hampton Road, the block of flats beside The Albert, and this was recently sold, along with the vacant land, by Fullers, via a local estate agent. The estate agent stressed the development potential of the vacant land.   We have now 

identified the new owner.  



On Saturday morning (24/07/21), the new owner ordered contractors to clear all the shrubs and ground cover, whilst leaving the trees intact for the time being.  The loss of the shrubs will have a significant negative impact on the extensive wild life in the back land.  The Police were called, as damaging nesting birds is a criminal offence.  We understand they did attend, but have heard nothing further.  In an act of environmental vandalism, the habitats have now been destroyed.  All bushes, shrubs and ground cover have been removed.  


Problems exist in that the creation of a conservation area seems to have little to do with protecting wild life and habitats, and is principally concerned with protecting buildings.


We now need to consider our next steps.  If you are a resident of West Ward, could you please contact your local councillors, and ask them what they can do to protect this, and other, unique local habitats:-


Cllr. Piers Allen, Lib Dem, West Ward.

Cllr. Alan Juriansz, Lib Dem,  West Ward.

Cllr. Helen Lee-Parson, Lib Dem, West Ward.


If you are not a West Ward resident then could you please contact your local councillors, whose contact details can be found on the website.

We would request that people pease respect the privacy of the private tenants residing at 
24 Hampton Road.

Thank you for your support.


Howard Roberts

Environment Officer

The Friends of Twickenham Green