“Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone" - Protest - Decision to fell mature trees from wildlife corridor

Monday 03 January 2022
11:00 to 12:00

Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone.

Richmond and Twickenham Council approved the removal of five mature trees, on the land behind 24 Hampton Road, on 23rd December, 2021.



Monday 3rd January.  Bring banners/placards/children.  Assemble 11am at the recycling centre, junction of Hampton Road and First Cross Road.  We will then walk down to entrance to back land site, 24 Hampton Road.  Assemble for photo shoot.  Disperse.  Should only take twenty minutes.

N.B.  Do not enter the site, this is private property.  Do not obstruct any access to the site.  Please respect the privacy of the residents of the flats at 24 Hampton Road.

The object of the exercise is to let the council know the depth of feeling and concern from local residents, at the removal of the trees in the wildlife corridor.  The council needs to reconsider their decision

Contact friends@fotg.uk
Recycling centre, junction of First Cross Road and The Green (behind cricket pavilion)
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