Geoffrey Morgan - Obituary 

Geoffrey was born in Liverpool in 1931.

He later maintained that since Liverpool was the capital of Wales, that actually made him Welsh

His evacuation, at the age of 8, to a farm near Aberystwyth, provided him with experiences which he later recalled and made the basis of talks he gave to schools.

As young man he passed the Civil Service Entrance Examination and started on a highly successful career. A skilled and expert worker in the Civil Service he attained high office and was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath.

He saw himself as a highly lucky man but it is we who were lucky to have Geoffrey as an enthusiastic member of the Friends. He was ready to help on all occasions such as the Hands Fair, the Friends Village Fete, regular clean-ups, and so on.

As a life member of the Friends he was a regular and vigorous participant in our meetings, serving on the committee for many years and eventually became a widely respected Chairman.

He was a loyal and supportive Friend: whether on the Committee or as an ordinary member of FoTG, he was a frequent contributor and was unafraid to apply a (sometimes sharp) corrective when it was required.

Sadly, Geoffrey was forced by ill-health to give up the Chairmanship, but was able continue to attend meetings and maintain his interest in the Green. Indeed, watching what was happening on the Green was one of his greatest pleasures.

Geoffrey always looked for the best in things and we may hope to do the same in his memory. We shall miss his gentle guidance and example.

We extend our sincere condolences to his widow Heather, his two daughters, his grandchildren and his wider family. His participation over three decades will remain in our minds for many years to come and the friendships he formed so happily will be remembered always.