Remembering John Bell


"I first met John at the inaugural meeting of the Friends under the chairmanship of Roger Green in the early 1980s. John took over as Chairman quite soon afterwards and I remember committee meetings in John and Jane's smoke-filled house. They couldn't get away with that nowadays. Both John and Jane were very committed to the local community and Jane regularly visited young offenders at Feltham. Both of them also attended local council meetings at York House and would report back to the Friends on matters affecting the Green. When my husband Geoffrey became Chairman of the Green John took over as an extremely reliable Secretary. John will be greatly missed by the Friends of Twickenham Green for his total commitment to it wellbeing.

Heather Morgan"


"In January 1993 my husband Robert and I moved in to First Cross Road. The next day the doorbell rang, and John Bell, with his partner Jane Smith, stood there,
smiling broadly, welcoming us to the area and inviting us in a fairly persuasive manner to join The Friends Of Twickenham Green, which we did.

A delightful friendship followed, and included many years of taking part in all the activities associated with this part of Twickenham, and especially The Green. John was always the kindest, most thoughtful of men, and when Jane (by then his wife) developed dementia, he cared for her with loving devotion during those difficult years ignoring, or postponing, his own needs and failing health.

He will be sadly missed by all his family and his many friends.

Audrey Leckie"


John is fondly remembered by the committee for the contributions he made on behalf of Friends of Twickenham Green, both as a Chair and a dedicated committee member. Details of John's of his funeral service can be found here