Site meeting with Park Events and Twickenham Bid/Discover Twickenham, re: proposed Christmas Event December 2021. 


Thursday 14/10/21

In attendance:-Laura Steele, Park Events; Anthony Gopaul, Discover Twickenham Interim Bid Manager; David Trigg, FOTG Chair; Steve Guichard, FOTG Vice Chair; Howard Roberts, FOTG Environment Officer.


PROPOSAL  Inflatable Grotto on The Green which is assembled/disassembled each day and is open for visitors 3-6pm each day.  15-19 November inclusive (5 days) 2 medium sized vans (Ford Transit Custom). Will remain on site each day as shown in order to minimise vehicle activity.

The event organiser proposed that vehicles should enter The Green from the Hampton Road gate, and then traverse The Green with vehicles half on the grass and half on the asphalt footpath, to reach the area opposite the bus stop on the Staines Road side.


OBSERVATIONS   We pointed out that the pathway was not load bearing, designed only for pedestrians, and is already in a poor state and starting to crumble.

We suggested that a better alternative would be to park on the street, on the double yellow lines ahead of the bus stop, to unload the gazebo, and then remove the vehicles to park off site.  This way there would no chance whatsoever of vehicle damage to the fabric of The Green.

David Trigg asked to be involved in meetings with Parking department to facilitate parking provision on the north side of The Green. 

An event over four or five days gives multiple chances of surface damage to the grass, at a time of year when good dry conditions cannot be guaranteed.


We support the event as an asset to the local community, but hope our suggestion for alternative methods of placing the items on The Green is taken in to account.


Howard Roberts, Environment Officer